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Don’t Split Up is a horror film podcast for horror film lovers by horror film lovers (well, three of us anyway). Phoenix, Mo, Amanda and JR. tread (mostly) fearlessly where few other podcasts dare! From the latest spine-tingling thriller to classic monster movie throwbacks, our terrified gang dives in deep to figure out exactly what scares us, and why we love it so much.


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Dont Split Up - May 23, 2015

Pilots and Poltergeists

Don\'t Split Up Season 1

Welcome to the pilot episode of Don't Split Up - the horror movie podcast that's just trying to make it to the end alive. Stacey, Mo, Amanda and JR. talk about what scares them, the best and worst horror films, and then take some time to review the 1982 horror classic POLTERGEIST.

From Series: "Don't Split Up Season 1"

Welcome to the inaugural season of Don't Split Up! Join Stacey, Mo, Amanda and JR. as we (mostly) fearlessly brave the latest AND greatest horror films. Each month, we'll discuss one new film and one classic.

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Meet the Hosts


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Mo Zahedi



Mo resides in Columbus, OH in his very own haunted house! However, the source of his nightmares comes from the never-ending to-do list associated with the 140-year-old home he started renovating last year.  When he isn’t working on that, which is often, he can typically be found lost in a fantasy book or off procrastinating on other projects. The starter of many stories and finisher of none, Mo is the Shaggy of our Mystery Gang. Listen as Stacey and JR. drag him into terror, kicking and screaming!

Amanda Forasteros

Amanda currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her esposo, JR. Her favorite things include speaking Spanish, spending quality time with friends or future friends, thrifting, eating delicious cuisine from all over the world, getting lost in a book, traveling, watching movies, and spontaneous adventures. She skates with Assassination City Roller Derby as the fearsome Mother Terrorista. This is Amanda’s debut into the podcasting world, and as you will discover she is by far the biggest chicken in the group. She may have a tough and laid back outer-shell but deep down even the dumbest movies give her nightmares. It is like a train wreck, you just cannot look away. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


JR. Forasteros


JR. lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Amanda. He’s a writer, blogger and pastor. He wrote Empathy for the Devil, which is about finding ourselves in the villains of the Bible. He also loves Batman, spirited debates and smoking meats. Check out his blog for his sermon podcast. In addition to Don’t Split Up!, JR. also cohosts the StoryMen (history, theology and pop culture), In All Things Charity (Wesleyan Feminist Theology) and Bible Bites (education and theology). He also blogs on faith and pop culture right here on Follow him on Twitter, say Hi on Facebook or subscribe to his weekly e-newsletter on faith and pop culture. 

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