Message: “The Thanksgiving Episode”

The StoryMen take some time to reflect on what they’re grateful for. The conversation turns to Thanksgiving traditions – real and made up. Then, since we’re talking about founding myths, we investigate recent admissions by the Mormon church that Joseph Smith was in fact a polygamist. Finally, we engage the conversation about the “Stand and Greet” time many churches employ, but many people hate. Plus, we introduce our Pop Culture Picks of the Week!

Story Men - November 21, 2014

Can Jesus Save E.T. and Spock, Too?

Can Jesus Save E.T. and Spock, Too?

The StoryMen tell some jokes, and then dive into a very serious subject: if aliens do exist (of course they do!), are they fallen? Does Jesus' death and resurrection redeem them, too? A fun conversation about exotheology turns to how we think about those who are different from us, and what makes us human.

From Series: "StoryMen Season 4"

The StoryMen Season 4 brings more guests, wilder topics and big changes in the Storyverse!

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