Message: “The Problem with the Virtuous Hero”

Bryne and JR. recap some of our favorite films of a very good year, then dive into a couple that signal a shift in how we are telling stories as a culture. The Big Short, Sicario and Netflix’ Making a Murderer demonstrate an important shift away from the traditional virtue narrative Americans like so much toward more complicated, complex and honest storytelling. We evaluate this shift, and why we are so excited for it.

Origami Elephants - May 15, 2015

Comics and Gender

Comics and Gender

Bryne and JR. welcome Rachel Stine and Evie Allport to discuss gender issues in recent comic works. We focus specifically on AGE OF ULTRON's Black Widow problem and the criticisms of MARVEL's new A-Force comic.

From Series: "Origami Elephants Season 2"

Bryne and JR. are back with more guests, more movies and more hard-hitting exploration of those elephants.

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