Message: “Romancing the Church with Melissa Tag”

The StoryMen welcome author, blogger and romantic comedy expert Melissa Tagg. We evaluate the respective merits of Jack Bauer, Chris Hemsworth, the 1980s. We debate the difference between Romantic Comedies and Chick Flicks, and pick apart what makes a great Romantic Comedy great. Melissa walks us through how she writes a Romantic Comedy and what it looks like to romance the Church.

00:00 – Melissa Tag vs. Matt Mikalatos
03:00 – Who Loves Jack Bauer?
09:30 – Who Loves Chris Hemsworth?
12:30 – Melissa vs. the 1980s
18:30 – Clay Hates the Sound of Music
20:30 – The Anatomy of the Romantic Comedy
28:30 – Our Favorite Romantic Comedies
39:30 – Writing Christian Romance
43:30 – When the Church idolizes Marriage
48:30 – Here to Stay
53:00 – GIVEAWAY!

Story Men - March 24, 2017

Marvel's Iron Fist CROSSOVER with Kate Sanchez of But Why Tho?

Marvel\'s Iron Fist CROSSOVER with Kate Sanchez of But Why Tho?

In true comic book fashion, JR. joins forces with Kate Sanchez of the But Why Tho? podcast. We watched all of Marvel's Iron Fist so you don't have to (the episode is spoiler-y toward the end.) We dive into the comic character of Danny Rand, talk about where the show sits in the Marvel Netflix universe, and talk about the show's Good, Bad and Ugly. Kate is a great podcaster, and we had a lot of fun even without our regular cohosts.

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