Message: “Go Set a Watchman with Megan Tietz”

JR. welcomes fellow podcaster Megan Tietz of the Sorta Awesome Podcast to discuss the literary firestorm surrounding Harper Lee’s recently-published Harper Lee’s sequel/prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. We dive into the complicated publication history, and spend a lot of time on the book’s controversial portrayal of beloved Atticus Finch. Along the way, we reflect on our own histories with the book, race and why this might be the perfect time for us to read the book.

Story Men - April 18, 2018

Ready Player One with Eliyahu Fink

Ready Player One with Eliyahu Fink

Ready Player One is Steven Spielberg's most successful film in nearly a decade. But is it good? Rabbi Eliyahu Fink returns to debate the film with JR. They reflect on the real world, religion and the dangers of nostalgia.

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