Message: “DIVORCE with Latifah Alattas of Moda Spira” from Fascinating Podcast

A message from the series “The Fascinating Podcast Season 1.” Latifah Alattas takes us behind the scenes of her latest album DIVORCE. How does one chronicle the ending of a marriage? What’s important in recovery? And exactly how many parallel universes are there? All this and more on the latest episode!

Fascinating Podcast - April 20, 2020

Chasing Justice with Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Chasing Justice with Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Sandra Maria Van Opstal joins us to settle the deadlock in this year's Bracketology. But really she's here to talk about how to take justice work seriously - in our every day lives. How can we begin chasing justice?

From Series: "Fascinating Season 4"

2020 hails a new season of Fascinating conversations. This season, we're diving into what a process of reconstructing faith might look like.

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