Message: “A Brief History of Voter Suppression” from Fascinating Podcast

A message from the series “Fascinating Season 5.” Since we are a month out from the 2020 election, we dive into the history of Voter Suppression. How are votes suppressed today? Where did these practices originate? And why should Christians care about any of this? Listen up!

Fascinating Podcast - December 6, 2021

How We Became Affirming

How We Became Affirming

This one's been a long time coming: your four co-hosts trace key moments in our journey toward becoming LGBTQ+ affirming. What does that term mean? What does it look like to be affirming and faithful to the witness of Scripture? This is a super-sized episode so buckle up!

From Series: "Fascinating Season 7"

After kicking off with episode 300, we press further than ever into what a truly just society might look like. Plus, all the pop culture you can handle and more! Season 7 is bigger and better than ever!

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