Message: “Premee Mohamed’s VOID Trilogy” from Fascinating Podcast

A message from the series “Fascinating Season 8.” She can’t watch horror movies, but wrote one of the best cosmic horror trilogies maybe ever. Oh yeah, and it was only supposed to be one book. Premee Mohamed joins the show to tell us how her Indiana Jones adventure with a teen of color at the center became a trilogy of terrifying tentacle monsters. PLUS: how many weird medieval beliefs about animals do you think Matt knows?

Fascinating Podcast - February 21, 2022

The Rise of Asian America ft. Jeff Yang and Phil Yu

The Rise of Asian America ft. Jeff Yang and Phil Yu

What is Asian America? Can we trace the origins of this distinctive and important pattern in the tapestry of American popular culture? Jeff Yang and Phil Yu say we can, and they join us to show how with their new book RISE. Plus: it wouldn't be a Fascinating season premier without a feral hogs update!

From Series: "Fascinating Season 8"

Same podcast. New episodes. You know the drill.

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