Message: “Jesus Takes a Side with Jonny Rashid” from Fascinating Podcast

A message from the series “Fascinating Season 8.” Churches across the country chase bipartisanship, the elusive ‘purple’ church. But is that the Church Jesus leads? Pastor Jonny Rashid says no. He insists that Jesus takes a side, that bipartisanship isn’t revolutionary at all – it maintains the status quo. Join us for this potent, provocative conversation.

Fascinating Podcast - September 19, 2022

Voices of Lament

Voices of Lament

Voices of Lament is a powerful collection of essays by women of color, all inspired by Psalm 37. What if there's more to life that the pursuit of happiness? What if it's good to admit we're not okay? Since Kathy has an essay in this collection, she ditches the guys and brings on editor Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and fellow contributor QuaWanna Bannarbie.

From Series: "Fascinating Season 9"

You know the drill - bigger shows, better guests. New format!

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