Message: “Exodus 20:18-21:18 – Uncut Stones, Priestly Underwear and Slaves” from Bible Bites

We enter the book of the Covenant. What are these legal codes? Plus, how the people respond to God, why priests have to wear underwear, and a confrontation of slavery in the Scriptures.

Bible Bites - October 26, 2015

Why did God allow the Israelites to be Slaves?


Bible Bites welcomes Rabbi Eliyahu Fink to delve into the theology of Exodus. We begin by asking how much the historicity of the Exodus matters, then ask why God would allow Israel to be enslaved?

From Series: "Exodus"

The book of Exodus forms the foundation of the rest of Scripture. From its iconic story of liberation in the showdown between Moses and Pharaoh to the giving of the Torah and the Tabernacle, everything else in the Bible flows from the story of God's rescue in Exodus.

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