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Into the Spider-Verse with José Humphreys

José Humphreys returns to take us into the latest animated sensation, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. We explore this film that breaks ground in representation, animation and storytelling.

Fascinating Podcast - December 10, 2018

The End of Short Term Missions with Daniel White Hodge

The End of Short Term Missions with Daniel White Hodge

What good does short term missions do? Daniel White Hodge returns to the show to explore how we can decolonize missions work. Plus: a deep dive on the death of self-proclaimed missionary John Chau.

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In this Episode:

1 – Who loves Spider-Man?

13 – Into the Spider-Verse

25 – Critiques

29 – Animation

34 – Peter v Miles

41 – White Men Writing

47 – Sequels

55 – Favorite Moment

59 – Connect with José

60 – Favorite Character

Connect with José

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