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The StoryMen are back in Action!

I know you’ve missed the world-renowned podcast THE STORYMEN. Don’t worry, denizens of the Internet. We’re back, and more powerful than ever. Follow this link to hilarity, adventure and the first episode of SEASON THREE OF THE STORYMEN!  

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The Failure of 300: Rise of an Empire

If you liked 300, you’ll probably enjoy Rise of the Empire well enough. But it’s as thoughtless as the original.

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A Public Service Announcement from… THE BATMAN

I ran across this in this post from Chris Sims about why the X-Men didn’t become popular for more than a decade after their creation. I know, that’s a Batman PSA. But it all makes sense in the article. Really, it does.

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The Transformers 4 Trailer Paradox

The new Transformers: Extinction trailer looks really good. Which is sad because it’s obviously going to be as terrible as the others.