JR. Forasteros

Who is JR. Forasteros (besides one of NorvilleRogers.com’s big three)?

JR. Forasteros IconJR. Forasteros is a writer, teacher, and pastor who has a killer beard*. He and his wife, Amanda, live in Dallas, TX. JR. serves the Catalyst Community Church in Rowlett. He and Amanda previously lived in Dayton, OH, and they both grew up in MO. JR. does most of the book and film reviews here at Norville, and manages the occasional think-piece about TV.

Let’s get this out of the way upfront: JR. is obsessed with the Batman.

He co-hosts several podcasts:

His most popular post is 5 Things to Know-a Before You See NOAH.

His three favorite posts are:

  1. Eminem’s “Rap God” – JR. explores Eminem’s hit song to learn what it means to be a god.
  2. The Tragedy of Oberyn Martel – Game of Thrones is at its best in its character work. JR. explores one of Season 4’s most provocative characters and his arc.
  3. True Detective: Facing the Abyss – The first season of True Detective was packed to overflowing with commentary on religion. JR. explores what the show had to say.

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*JR.’s beard has not actually killed anyone.