Message: “Pet Sematary” from Dont Split Up

A message from the series “Don’t Split Up! Season 4.” How does the latest version of Pet Sematary stack up to Stephen King’s original novel? What about the 1989 film? We explore, and pay special attention to the themes that carry through all three incarnations.

Dont Split Up - March 9, 2019



The gang dives into one of the buzziest horror films of last year - Hereditary. We talk demonology, mental illness and why Toni Colette didn't win an Oscar. Plus: our first ever immediate reaction right after watching the film.

From Series: "Don't Split Up! Season 4"

It wouldn't be a horror podcast without a reboot. We've recast two of our co-hosts. Radha and Tam join JR. and Amanda as we dive into a whole slew of new and old horror favorites!

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