Message: “Love in the Time of Monsters”

The gang welcomes the director, writer and two leads of the indie horror comedy LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS. We learn how indie films are made, and why this film is really a love letter to horror.

Dont Split Up - June 7, 2019

Max Booth III's Carnivorous Lunar Activities

Max Booth III\'s Carnivorous Lunar Activities

Author Max Booth III joins JR. to talk about his new book Carnivorous Lunar Activities. What does it take to write a great werewolf book?

From Series: "Don't Split Up! Season 4"

It wouldn't be a horror podcast without a reboot. We've recast two of our co-hosts. Radha and Tam join JR. and Amanda as we dive into a whole slew of new and old horror favorites!

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