Message: “DIVORCE with Latifah Alattas of Moda Spira” from Fascinating Podcast

A message from the series “The Fascinating Podcast Season 1.” Latifah Alattas takes us behind the scenes of her latest album DIVORCE. How does one chronicle the ending of a marriage? What’s important in recovery? And exactly how many parallel universes are there? All this and more on the latest episode!

Fascinating Podcast - December 6, 2021

How We Became Affirming

How We Became Affirming

This one's been a long time coming: your four co-hosts trace key moments in our journey toward becoming LGBTQ+ affirming. What does that term mean? What does it look like to be affirming and faithful to the witness of Scripture? This is a super-sized episode so buckle up!

From Series: "Fascinating Season 7"

After kicking off with episode 300, we press further than ever into what a truly just society might look like. Plus, all the pop culture you can handle and more! Season 7 is bigger and better than ever!

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