Message: “Austin Channing Brown is Still Here” from Story Men

A message from the series “StoryMen Season 9.” What is white fragility? Austin Channing Brown joins us to explore this necessary but misunderstood term. Why do conversations about race so easily default to concern for the feelings of white persons? How can we spot the signs of white fragility? How can we keep conversations centered on the experiences of persons of color?

Story Men - April 9, 2018

The Path Between Us with Suzanne Stabile

The Path Between Us with Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram expert Suzanne Stabile joins us to explain the ins and outs of this ancient spiritual formation tool. We do a deep dive on what makes a Nine and how they relate with the world. Plus, the results of Bracketology 2018! 

From Series: "StoryMen Season 9"

Back, bigger and better than ever!

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