Message: “An Old Heresy Gets New Life” from InAllThings Charity

A message from the series “In All Things Charity Season 4.” A new debate on the meaning of the Trinity is raging in theological circles. But the debate is actually a resurrection of an old heresy. Why has the debate resurfaced? And what does it have to do with gender roles in the Church?

1 – Cathedrals Fighting on Twitter
3 – Heresy!
44 – What We’re Into

InAllThings Charity - November 10, 2017

Ephesians 5 and Mutual Submission

Ephesians 5 and Mutual Submission

Our most requested topic: how should we understand the language of submission and headship as egalitarians? And how can we celebrate this passage instead of awkwardly ignoring it?

From Series: "In All Things Charity Season 4"

Heather takes a leave of absence, so Tara and JR. are joined by Rev. Robbie Cansler.

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