Message: “A Trinitarian Theology of Leadership” from InAllThings Charity

A message from the series “In All Things Charity Season 6.” Leadership is a divisive word among pastors. Should the church value leadership? Or is that kneeling to cultural trends? Might there be a different leadership paradigm? Rev. Deanna Hayden joins us to explore how a Wesleyan framework for leadership transforms the conversation. We dive specifically into a thorny leadership issue – the Billy Graham Rule – to work out how to implement what this framework looks like on the ground.

InAllThings Charity - September 10, 2018

Purity Culture with Linda Kay Klein

Purity Culture with Linda Kay Klein

What is Purity Culture? Why is it so dangerous? Author and purity culture survivor Linda Kay Klein joins us to explore the shame that purity culture creates. How can we find freedom from purity culture? And what does good news about holiness actually sound like?

From Series: "In All Things Charity Season 6"

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