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Let Them Fight II

Tara and JR. fight again

Tara and JR. fight again

InAllThings Charity - May 20, 2019

Blackness in the Bible with Onleilove Alston

Blackness in the Bible with Onleilove Alston

Onleilove Alston joins us to explore what it means to say the Bible is a Black book. From the construction of race to the Blackness of Adam and Eve, we explore why the Biblical roots of Blackness matter for all of us, no matter what color we are.

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Tara: Umbrella Academy (score/soundtrack)

JR.: Not Ur Girlfrenz

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By JR. Forasteros

JR. lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Amanda. In addition to exploring the wonders that are the Lone Star state, JR. is the teaching pastor at Catalyst Community Church, a writer and blogger. His book, Empathy for the Devil, is available from InterVarsity Press. He's haunted by the Batman, who is in turn haunted by the myth of redemptive violence.