Humanwire: This Iraqi refugee family needs our help

We’ve decided to adopt an Iraqi refugee family.

This week on the StoryMen we interviewed Andrew Baron, creator, co-founder and CEO of Humanwire. It’s a great, interesting interview about sidestepping all the politics of the refugee crisis and deciding instead to connect as human beings and help someone.

You can listen to the show here. 

Their names are Kamel, Lama, Tiba and Marwa. They’re living in Turkey now, and they’re in need of money for food and medical bills (Tiba is eight years old and autistic; Marwa is four). Kamel also broke his ribs recently in a work-related accident.

We don’t care where you fall politically … we’d like to invite you to join us in caring for this family.

In fact, it would be amazing if people from across the political spectrum could come together for this family. These are people who are hurting, who have left their home because of political violence. We don’t want politics to harm them further. These are people who will never be coming to the United States as refugees… they already have asylum in Turkey. So whatever your politics, you can still help!

How you can help

In the next thirty days, we’re going to raise $3,500 for this family. 100% of the money raised will go directly to this family and their needs (there is an optional donation to the Humanwire organization that you can edit).

Here are some ways you can help:

1. Give. Any amount you give, whether $25, $50 or $100 (or ANY amount significant to you) will be part of literally changing this family’s life. Better medical attention for Tiba. Groceries for the family.

2. Share the podcast. We think you’ll find the story of Humanwire and how it works compelling. Let your friends who listen to podcasts know about it, so they can learn about it too! The farther this goes, the more people hear about Kamel and Lama and their family’s needs.

3. Share the profile page for Kamel, Lama and their family. You can share that page directly, or the podcast page, or this post!

4. If you see someone else has shared either the podcast, this post, or the giving page on Facebook, interact with that post. Every time you like, comment or share another person’s post, Facebook serves it up to more people. So you can help just by hitting that like button!

5. Get to know our family. One of the things we love about Humanwire is that it provides a way for you to get to know the people we’re helping, by putting us in direct contact. We’ll interview them on Storymen, but you can do a Skype call with the family, too! Or, if you want, send them letters or gifts directly. If you have friends or connections in Turkey, we can introduce them.

6. Lead a campaign for another refugee or refugee family. You can choose the refugees… where they’re from and where they are settled. The amount you want to raise through your network (or what you want to raise money for… a tent in a refugee camp or a refrigerator for a family without one). Your church, school, synagogue, mosque, civic group, book club, sports team or family can lead a campaign. You can raise through social media or do car washes and bake sales… however you want to do things! Click “Lead a Campaign” for more information.

Author: Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is a writer not a fighter.

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